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There are Starry Flounder and Jacksmelt here, too, and also wandering Salmon and even some Steelhead. Take I to the Willow exit in Rodeo and drive north until you're downtown. Note: Willow, Parker, and San Pablo avenues all run together for couple miles, so the best bet is not to make any turns right away.

As the road curves to the east, you should look for a side street on the left, next to the railroad tracks. Park anywhere along that road. This is where the Stripers and Sturgeon are found.

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In late summer into fall, you can continue driving east on San Pablo Avenue for a half a mile and then look for a place to park next to the tracks between Railroad and California streets. Walk to the right and fish for Salmon behind the water treatment plant also known as "hot water" by local anglers.

Cautionary note: this is still restricted to lures with single barbless hooks when fishing for Salmon, and the DFG is often present and will issue citations.

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Best thing for newcomers is to find out where people are fishing and set up nearby. Lots of snags here; it's a good idea to come at low tide and see what to avoid. Best fishing happens two hours before the top of the tide and about an hour afterward. This is a seawall that runs from The Horizons restaurant to private land about a quarter mile south. Parking is tough, either three-hour maximum meters or two-hour maxium free area further down.

Both are hard to find spaces in. Sometimes Striped Bass and Salmon are caught on their migratory routes. Grass shrimp and pile worms work best, or use squid pieces for poke poling at low tide to catch Rockfish and Monkeyface Eels. When the herring are spawning there is light tackle entertainment with snag casting or colored yard loosely wrapped on hooks. The water is rough here and moves rapidly on the outgoing tide, but there is excellent fishing just inside the calm eddies and between the reefs--once you can see them; this is another tackle grabber. This is one of the better spots to get Rockfish, especially Blues, and Lingcod are not unusual.

This is another place to go when the water is too low elsewhere.

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Just before you get to the pier, turn left and go past the Coast Guard, then continue until the next right turn and park in the designated area behind the chain. Not for the faint-hearted or short-tempered.

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The best spot is near Bird Rock, just north of Point Bonita, a semi-secluded stretch of beach that requires some risky hiking down a ravine from the parking area adjacent the YMCA. Black, Striped, and Walleyed Perch are in abundance on pile worms for the first two, anchovey strips for the third.

Halibut Rodeo

Also Cabezon, Rockfish, and Greenling on worms and cut anchovies. All parts of the tide are good, though I like low tide because I can see the reefs not that it keeps me from donating half my tackle anyway! Another spot is from Fort Cronkite proper, going from the parking area to the beach and then left to the area where the sand meets the rocks.

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Lingcod, Rockfish, Greenling and Silver Perch are here. So are small Leopard Sharks and the occasional Thornback Ray. David H.

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An idea on measuring a halibut quickly along side the boat. Tie a length of flourescent flagging tape longer than cm to a large enough quick change swivel. Lay the setup on the floor and measure off cms and cut it to length. When the fish is along side snap the swivel over the leader above the hook and it should slide down to the Halis mouth. The tape should flow back along the halis lenght in the water and give you a good reference to judge.

Just an idea. Put two marks at the waterline - one for and the other for Pull the Hali alongside and get a quick check. If he's close your call on what to do. In the boat or cut the line. To expect to get an exact measurement I. Tail the sucker hold one hand under white side it calms them down measure take picture throw back. Hindsight , Mar 9, Shoot it in the head, pull it into the boat, measure. If under, you're golden, if over, creative filleting. DFO and their bullshit regs.

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Red Sled , Mar 9, Cut a wooden dowel to cm and hold it next to the fish. If you drop it it still floats. All I did is put a few wraps of electrical tape at cm's on my Peetz harpoon handle. I figure I'll lasso the tail first,then hold the handle on top of the fish for a quick measurement. First trip in a couple of weeks,so I'll let you all know how it works!