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All fields required. First Name should not be empty!!! Also have no idea what the Op is on about with somehow "Easily separating" drones from enemies. Yeah, you can rift enemies if you an incoming drone so they won't get linked up, but you're much better off shooting the drone. Don't get me wrong, I don't know anyone who likes farming wisps, although this might be less of an issue with LD new amps, but who wouldn't get at least one amp beyond mote?

See a Problem?

The damage difference between Mote and all other amps is major, not to mention that getting even a lesser Maduri lens makes amps much better with increased Amp energy. Banish is essentially a damaging crowd control, though I don't think it moves them away per se Limbo Prime Main, believe me I've tried countless times it's the plane shifting that you're talking about, and generally you leave that to the Limbo to work on.

Let's Play Limbo Part 4

Right which is why you don't banish enemies, just allies if they ask for it or AI allies you need to keep alive. This is all true, however there are a few things you need to be mindful of if you're choosing to use a high range limbo in public arbitrations. While it's true that operators can damage arbitration drones inside the limbo bubble, there is no guarantee that your teammates have brought along an amp that is well suited to doing so, they may well still be rocking a Mote , which can make their experience pretty miserable.

And tbh outside of Tridolon hunts I don't think it's reasonable to expect them to, the grind involved isn't for everyone. So the other alternative strategy for those folk? Jump outside of the rift bubble and shoot in at the drone from there. All well and good until the edge of the bubble is 5 miles away in max range land.

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And if you're rinse repeating this for any length of time, it gets tedious pretty quickly. Don't get me wrong, I play limbo a lot and I agree that in the right hands he's a game changer. However, he still does have the innate ability to warp the gameplay experience for everyone, whether that's by forcing people to play in a way they don't want to or deal with eyestrain after being stuck in a fluorescent rift bubble for an hour. Limbo suffered from the same problem vauban does. The best cc isn't stopping enemies it's killing them.

Lots of times we don't like prolonged fights. Limbo is super useful though I just wish banishing enemies worked differently. Killing isn't always the best CC.

Interception is one such scenario; all you need to do is keep the enemies distracted and bunched up. Once enough are spawned no more will appear. You're correct. Most players, even long time veteran players, have no clue how Limbo works. That's mostly because people regularly flame Limbo players so everyone is afraid to get experience using him in a team setting and no one learns how to play with one on their team. Limbo can be great if you want to AFK a sortie mobile defence, but otherwise At best he's not noticed, at worst a major inconvenience to my ability to kill things. The answer to the question "Wait, why the shit is my gun not doing any damage?

People should not be forced to play around Limbo in public games. I don't want to change my setup for Arbitrations just in case some Limbo decides to be "helpful" and spam Cataclysm. Just as people shouldn't be forced to play around any other frame, really. Such as Mesa, or Saryn, or Frost. Because everyone has to play around Saryn's abilities, of course And I can't count the number of weirdo Mesa players I saw who treated someone trying to kill things as "stealing what's theirs", even when they were out of energy and running for pickups or waiting for a Trin.

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Because "they're all mine, I'm the kill frame, get back you asshole! Just sayin'.

Limbo isn't a bad frame, there are just a lot of bad Limbos; Especially in Arbitrations

It's not the frames, it's the players. I mean, if "high level" content was even remotely challenging, we would maybe need frames like Limbo. But given that a room full of lvl 's can disappear in a blink, I greatly prefer killing as fast and as many as possible. Frames that in any way slow down killing simply bother me in group play.