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Provides an overview of cash management techniques. Chapter 3 Planning and Budgeting. Chapter 4 Analyzing the Sales Function. Chapter 5 Cost Reduction Analysis Procedures.

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Chapter 7 Investing Financing and Borrowing. Chapter 8 Planning Cash Flow.

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Chapter 9 Controlling and Analyzing Cash Flow. Appendix BCash Conservation Checklist. On the other hand, when it comes to accounts payable , it is better cash management to pay suppliers later rather than earlier.

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As well, it is important not to have too much cash tied up in inventories, but to have on hand just enough inventories for the immediate needs of the business. There is a right balance between having too much cash on hand, out of precaution, and having an inadequate supply. If a business has too much cash, it is missing out on opportunities to invest the cash and generate additional earnings.

If the business expects to generate a better return on its investments than it pays in interest on its borrowings, it might decide to invest its surplus cash and borrow any additional money it needs for its activities. While a ratio of greater than one indicates a healthy current assets situation, a very high ratio could indicate that the firm holds too much cash or other liquid assets.

A company has to generate an adequate cash flow from its business in order to survive.

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In addition to generating cash from its activities, a business also needs to manage its cash situation so that it holds the right amount of cash to meet its immediate and long-term needs. Financial Statements.


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    Managing Cash Flow: An Operational Focus

    Business Business Essentials. Cash is King. Improving Cash Management. Striking the Right Balance. The Bottom Line.