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Year of the Snake

Convince self that perhaps one might be able to make the stuff one wrote the day before suck ass a little bit less today. Take a deep breath. Tell self that at least self is working , and that ass-sucking is a significant part of the writerly process. At the first sign of trouble, don the Good Luck Writing Hat. Just put on the motherfucking hat and get on with it, already!! The people at SIU Press have been fabulous to work with. In this series, Chesler painted irezumi onto women models, and then made photographs from these images.

I recently heard from the Design and Production Manager that permission has been secured from Chesler to use one of the images. I suppose in many respects, Year of the Snake is ultimately a book about transformation, and the human desire for transformation, as well as the simultaneously dangerous and liberating state of being somewhere in between transformations.

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And this is one of the reasons why, in addition to their obviously serpentine, or snake-like qualities, I think the Chesler images will be so perfect for the book. In further, unrelated albeit late-breaking news, after the generous input of readers concerning the Snip or Not To Snip conundrum, I had definitely concluded that the tags on my Good Luck Writing Hat were, if not the definitive good-luck generating feature, at least a significantly contributing factor thereof.

The poems in The Optimist are marked by an amazing facility with the metrical line. Most of Mehigan's poems unapologetically employ regular meter and rhyme, stretching the fabric of living language--its natural emphases, speech rhythms, and syntax--over a framework of regular meter to produce a compelling sonic counterpoint.

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Like water taking the form of its container, Pineda's poems swell to fill the lines of his experiences. Against the backdrop of tidewater Virginia's crabs and cicadas, Pineda invokes his mestizo-the Tagalog word for being half Filipino-childhood, weaving laments for a tenuous paternal relationship and the loss of a sibling. Channeling these fragmented memories into a new discovery of self, Birthmark reclaims an identity, delicate yet unrelenting, with plaintive tones marked equally by pain, reflection, and redemption.

The sampling of fiction from the eighty-five-year interim loads the bases with the humor, realism, and athletic gallantry of the sport's earliest years. These stories also explore cultural and class conflicts, racial strife, town rivalries, labor disputes, gambling scandals, and the personalities that decorated a simple game's evolution into a national pastime.

The editor has chosen 52 short story gems by the men and women of this important movement in American literature. The nineteen authors represented are of Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian, and Libyan descent, some with established reputations, others new young writers. They tell tales about Muslims and Christians, recent immigrants and fully assimilated Americans, teenagers and grandmothers, guerillas and peaceniks, professors, housewives, grocers, bookies, those who long for their homeland, and those who refuse to speak Arabic.

By turns sassy or lyrical, biting or humorous, always moving, these stories are good reading and an important contribution to the body of American ethnic literature. This new book brings together both Melville and Milton scholars in the same text, and also reproduces annotations from Melville's edition of Milton. This makes available the important artistic connections between these two great authors.

The thirty-one stories in To Live and Die were culled from hundreds that circulated in popular magazines between the beginning of the war in and the celebration of the American centennial in Arranged to echo the sequence of the developing drama of the Civil War and Reconstruction, these short stories constitute an "inadvertent novel," a collective narrative about a domestic crisis that was still unfolding. A Zora Neale Hurston Companion pp. Remaining entries treat individuals both real such as anthropologist Franz Boas, who encouraged her folklore research, and convicted murderer Ruby McCollum, about whom she wrote several articles and fictional.

He was the creation of Edward Stratemeyer, the savvy founder of a children's book empire that also published the Tom Swift, Bobbsey Twins, and Nancy Drew series. The Secret of the Hardy Boys recounts how a newspaper reporter with dreams of becoming a serious novelist first brought to life Joe and Frank Hardy, who became two of the most famous characters in children's literature.

Year of the Snake

Daniel Itzkovitz's introduction situates the novel in its literary, biographical, and cultural contexts, addressing such topics as the debates over the novel and films, the role of Hurst's one-time secretary and great friend Zora Neale Hurston in the novel's development, and the response to the novel by Hurst's friend Langston Hughes, whose one-act satire, Limitations of Life , played to a raucous Harlem crowd in the late s.

For some, it is the wake-up call announcing the inevitability of war; for others, it is a spur to long-delayed action. With searing emotional honesty, Ellen Cooney explores the fear and doubt of ordinary people at the approach of war. Crowder's examination of Humphrey's writings, considered in concert with his life and supported by extensive archival research, makes this the most detailed and authoritative study available An exceptional study.

In fact, Buckler's stories and shorter pieces-stylistically, as psychological studies, and in their artfully shaped forms-anticipate not only his best-known novel, but also, as Dvorak shows, the short fiction of other, better-known contemporary Canadian writers. They are funny, political, and more than a bit prophetic. Highlights include a retelling of select Biblical stories and parables supplying heretofore expurgated details with an exquisitely agonizing truth; two stories of how one grapples with, avoids, questions, and finally resigns to love; and a corporate retelling of the Savior's story.

Michael's sword slicing through the smug heart of a believer too comfortable in his faith.

Dreamy Dreamers featuring Lee Ann Roripaugh — Poetry Asylum

He is moved to take stock and reflects on his year marriage, their son's inner turmoil, their teenage daughter's passion for shopping, the viciousness of his live-in mother-in-law, and his waning enthusiasm. As always, master storyteller Petrakis is keenly attuned to the intermingling of the mundane and the momentous, and fascinated by the different forms heroism takes. Candid and penetrating in its psychology and spiritual inquiry, The Orchards of Ithaca , is vital and moving. These twenty-four short stories-set in Italy, New England, and Canada-explore various themes, including, as the title story says, solitude.

Vivante begins the narrative with a self-oblivious solitude that will become loneliness. Day after day, night after night, Vivante's narrator becomes aware of his isolation, and he decides to seek the company of others. Companionship, therefore, becomes another theme developed in these stories. This book gathers the most significant of Johnson's many interviews, giving an invaluable account of his development from the late s to the present.

A Century of November: A Novel pp. Marden's single-minded mission: finding the exact spot where his son was killed. Upon arriving in England, he learns that his son left behind a pregnant girlfriend, and soon his search widens to include her as well.

Determinism, Holism, and Complexity

Nearing the front lines, Marden seems to descend into the fires of hell as he navigates the mine-strewn killing fields of the trenches. Chris suffers from serious identity issues. He is Chinese, but he cannot speak his language, and although orphaned, he belongs to a close-knit self-made family that includes the pedophile director of a settlement house; a so-called Chinese uncle, perhaps his father Center Cut pp. After narrowly missing his first tournament win at the conclusion of Snap Hook , Jack has begun a new season in the worst slump of his career.

Since he now has a family to support, the slump couldn't come at a worse time. But as Jack battles back to his usual level of play, his friend Grant Ashley faces a more serious problem-his wife is missing. Snap Hook pp. It also marks the debut of the Hardscrabble Crime imprint, the University Press of New England's first foray into mystery fiction.

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Highly recommended for golfers, golf widows and widowers, and everybody who's ever wondered what the fuss is about. She also keeps a journal. Mary's public roles include tutor, gardener, trader, housekeeper, practicing naturopath, caretaker, and popular confidante. In her journal along with her own alternately gripping and workaday life story, Mary records her personal road to freedom, the tragic slave narrative that is her father's biography, and the diverse personal histories of a number of her African American neighbors and acquaintances. Our Lives, Our Fortunes pp.

Knowing the army needs the supplies he has captured from British supply ships, Frost resolves to transport them to Washington. With the British controlling the Atlantic Coast, Frost successfully organizes and completes a dangerous overland mission enabling Washington to lead a daring night-time crossing of the Delaware River to attack the British at Trenton. Edited by Jeffrey S. New readers as well as those well familiar with the text will find themselves immersed in Thoreau's unique and fascinating world, guided by notes that illuminate the bibliographical, historical, and geographical contexts of his life.

For all its intrigue and melodrama, this is a remarkably powerful and moving study. Twain may have been dead for nearly a century, but the careful sting of his eminently quotable prose will continue to live. His humor is timeless, his wisdom about all things without equal. It's the best, most reliable collection of Mark Twain as social observer, moralist, and comic genius.

At times bawdy or tragic, these popular poems are nonetheless quintessentially Irish; the love of language and the Irish landscape pervade them.